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The time has arrived

Well as the title suggests, the brave (or stupid) few are ready and raring to go, We recently secured a special guest to join us for part of the walk, Compassions Wales and South West Rep, to give us a moral boost just as we head up one of the steepest inclines of the whole journey.

As bed time draws in I can’t help but worry that I’ve forgotten something, is all my kit packed,  do people know when we’re meeting, will my knees last the whole way. Aaaaaargh!

In all seriousness though, We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has sponsored us, on line or through filling out a sponsorship form, I would also like to encourage you to sponsor us if you haven’t allready done so, your money will go a long way to helping children in desperate situations.

However I wanted to share with you my biggest concern when thinking have I done enough for this walk, I ask whether I’ve done enough for compassion. It doesn’t matter how big a target we aim for, there will always be a world in need, thankfully compassions slogan is ‘Saveing  the world one child at a time’ I would urge you all to take a look at Compassion’s website and to consider sponsoring a child. For £21 a month you can not only make a huge difference to one child’s life, you can help support a family, and start to change the world. Please. Click Below.


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