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Hello my name is Mike, and I’m a member of Ebenezer Church in Talbot Green.

Beth (My wife) and I sponsor children with Compassion UK , and I would like to raise as much money for Compassion as possible.

The idea that came to mind was to walk the entire Taff Trail over two days. That’s a total of 55 miles, from Brecon to Cardiff. Lets see how that goes!



3 Responses

  1. Hi Mike and Beth
    I think your under estimating your capacity in training in just 7 miles a day!! 23 miles a day, even if your walking from Merthyr [therefore downhill] is a long way over two consec days.
    I’m a bit of a walker and even though the elevations seems high these will be a welcome distraction from the dull and repetitive last section, which while the scenery is OK, the trail is flat and pounding on the feet over gravel and tarmac.
    I led a walk earlier this year with members of Care for the Family from Quakers Yard going south and many found it hard on the feet.
    I’m walking Offa’s Dyke in September which I think will be interesting and trying to arrange free accom along the way to keep the £ down…wanna come and raise some extra spondulics? 188 miles over 10 days…now that is SCENERY!!
    Kind regards

    Nich Cunliffe [nichcunliffe@hotmail.com]

    • Thanks for the interest Nich, I agree much more training is required than just the odd short walk, the blisters after Merthyr to Ponty, are a constant reminder. When the whole group are organised, we will walk the other two sections of the trail, and find some other long trecks to takle as preporation.

      10 days walking seems a little much at the moment, but thank you for the offer, and thank you for your donation.


  2. Hi Mike
    I have found an invaluable help with blisters is a product called ‘ NOK’ [available over the internet is cheapest] that you rub in for 4 weeks prior to the event or/and during training…this apart from well worn in boots and sox etc.
    Best of luck, I’ll keep an eye on your blog.
    Blessing to you both Nich C

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