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Here’s the route

It’s taken a long time to get this sorted, but at last we have in detail a map showing the 50mile route that we will be walking.

Click on the link following for mapmyrun.com and you will be able to follow the entire route, and view the elevations and so on. Our overnight stop at Christchurch is highlighted at Merthyr Tydfil, as are some of the stop points for food and so on.


Once you’ve seen the masive task ahead, please sponsor us by clicking the sponsor us page!

Beating of the Bounds

Here is a map of the historic walk around Llantrisant boundaries we did on the weekend, more info and pics to follow.


Short Walk

Here is a short walk in our local area (Not on the Taff Trail), that has good steep inclines and being circular makes transport nice and easy without walking back on yourself. It also takes you along part of the Taff Ely ridge way.


Once you get into Llantrisant Forestry there is a maze of routes available, but this I think is the most straight forward.

They have been logging in the forestry during the last year, so a lot of the ground has been churned up, but in the drier weather, this isn’t much of a problem.

There are three good starting points to this walk. Llantrisant Forestry has a car park, but leave your car there at your own risk. Talbot Green has a housing estate on the edge of the walk, but I think the best would be the High Corner Pub in Llanharan, not so much for the starting point, but to end at a pub has to be a good thing!

Here you can see the road leading up the left hand side of the High Corner that forms part of the walk.

Following this road up to the highest point of the walk you can deviate slightly, rather than taking the sharp right and heading to the forestry, you will see a gate just ahead to the left, on the other side of this gate up on the left you will come to what’s known locally as ‘Cares Rock’. A great place to take a breather, and look out over the valley. Cares Rock is a cluster of rocks with the words ‘Dduw Carriad Yw’ – God is Love, along with many dates and initials of those who have recarved or repainted the words.

I found one website with this little story about the rocks. “In the 1920’s a Collier from Thomastown (near Tonyrefail) carried his daughter to this spot daily to sit with him while he carved. She was suffering from Tuberculosis and as he carved she breathed in the fresh air. This carried on until he had finished his carving and his daughter was healed.”

‘fess Up

The planning committee (John) has made some amendments to the Taff Trail route that we will be walking. The commonly recognised 55 mile Taff Trail is in fact a cycle route that takes a large circular direction at Brecon that we will not be taking, Sorry.

This does mean that the walk is more likely to be in the region of 45+ miles. But will be over hard terrain (and in places boggy) rather than easy road walking (throw in some variety).

I’ll look to determine the Taff Trail route and map my run as soon as possible. (The 55 mile route is still an option for some who are walking, but this will not be a led walk.)

Merthyr Tydfil – Pontypridd

For those who’ve asked for the info

You can view this in more detail @ map my run

Preparation Walks

I have been looking at different ways that myself and others can train in preparation for the Taff Trail. One that I’m looking at, is walking home from work in Taff’s Well. Just over 7 miles walking and up some good inclines.

If you have any suggestions for us (ideally in our local area) then please let us know.

Here’s a map of this walk, and details on the incline.